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Pass the Salt

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Hey! Have you ever thought about this? When you go to a buffet there are many dishes to choose from. The crowd of people that come to these kind of places are usually quite large. The restaurant provides a variety of dishes so people will have plenty to choose from. There are some people who pretty much like everything. Some people only like a limited amount of things. However, no person is limited to get the same kind of dish.

Well ladies and gentlemen, just like that buffet we live in a world that is full of variety.

There are many types of birds, plants, trees, animals, fruits etc. There is not just one species of anything. There are various colors and shapes. Even human beings, we have different heights, complexions, hair textures, voices, laughs, etc. That lets me know that God likes variety!

We should accept variety more in the ministry. Everyone is not going to sing the same. Everyone is not going to speak the same. Everyone is not going to minister in the same way! Well at least they shouldn’t. Because God gave us all different kinds of gifts. (God is so awesome!)

Well MJ, what does that have to do with salt? I'm so glad you asked :)

You see salt is amazing because it enhances the flavor of something. It doesn’t change the flavor it enhances it.

Salt can enhance the flavor of all types of food and bring it to it’s FULL potential. Whether it’s meat, whether its vegetables or starches. And I believe spiritual salt can enhance all kinds of gifts. Whether it’s business, health, creative arts, education etc. We as people of God can not afford to be bland in anything we do. Whatever you been called to do, do it! Keep your focus because someone needs it!

I never want to lose my savour! I'm a key ingredient that is needed in the bland environment around me. We are the salt of the earth! It's time to improve & enhance the flavor with my gift. I didn't know success could taste so good! I know this episode will bless you. Spread the Love.

EPISODE: "Pass the Salt"



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