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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Hey everyone! Next time you sit at a table think about this. You usually sit at tables with people you feel comfortable with. You probably won’t sit at a table with a total stranger. Eat something from a total stranger. You will accept food from a person you know and trust. If you eat something from someone you don’t know you are at risk. You don’t know if they made it with dirty hands or in a dirty environment. It could be poisoned or anything. Most people feel comfortable sitting and eating with a person they trust.

I say that to say this...

Whatever occupation you do. Whatever position or title you hold. When you go to work you are literally preparing a table for all the ones who will be affected by it. In other words, your work and deeds are a meal.

When you speak with someone and/or receive what they are saying, you are eating from their table. And my question to you is what is on your plate after you eat? Seeds or bones? If you have a seed you must make a decision will you plant it or throw it away. Bones can be kept but have no benefit cannot reproduce. Bones are just a reminder that something “was” living.

When someone speaks life to you feel good. When someone speaks death unless you are immune to it you feel sick. You want to be engaged in a conversation that is spiritually nutritious. The power of life and death are in your tongue and that lets me know that life has power, but that even death has power. God is paying attention to our conversations. Not just the deeds we do but what we talk about. And he’s writing down everything we are saying. When people come to sit down at your table what are they eating? Life or death? Think about it.

Did you know that you have a table? A spiritual table that people are affected by. Through your work, deeds and conversation. It amazes me to know that even God prepares tables and He prepared one just for you and me. (Psalm 23:5)

Only certain people could sit at the Lord's table. Is your name on the reserved list? Find out in our episode entitled "The Table."



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