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"You're Invited!"

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Ahhhh...Invitations. They are simply you requesting someone’s presence at your event, right?

Well , it’s very important that your invitation is warm & friendly, because that will make people want to come to your event. An Invitation is simply a presentation. We receive many invitations in a day. You may be thinking, "No, I don’t." Oh yes you do! How many commercials do you see on TV? How many advertisements to hear on the radio or see on billboards as you are driving or even on social media? They may not be tangible, but invitations are everywhere! Everyone wants you to engage in their business or event. Whether its a restaurant, clothing store, or simply watching their TV show.

So these companies will make their invitation custom. By adding a theme song or slogans.

The best invitations are personal. It makes you feel special, because this person took time to think of you. And specifically wants you to grace them with your presence.

Always remember, a good invitation will win people over. And having a good experience will cause people to tell others, but it always starts with the invitation.

We are extended invitations all the time. But a lot of times what we tend to is accept the wrong invitations. When someone comes to you with negativity. They are inviting you to engage with them. A lot of people who are addicted to drugs are in that situation because they accepted the wrong invitation. They hear, "Oh this is going to make you feel good." "You won’t have any problems." So that invitation lured them in and most times it’s hard for them to get out.

Invitations are deeper than you think & you send out more than you realize. Do you really know what you are inviting into your life? I have so much more to share on this subject. I'm confident that after listening to this episode you will take invitations a little more seriously. 💌 EPISODE: "You're Invited" Out Now!!



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