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In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path - Proverb 3:6

Great destiny comes from difficult paths. Challenging paths. Many people want to take easy street with a reward of a great destiny and it doesn’t happen that way. If you want certain things you have to follow THAT path.

What people tend to do when things get hard is leave the path because of discomfort. Instead of allowing it to make and mold them into what God has ordained them to be. If you leave the path you may just miss your season which will kill you internally. Don’t allow people to distract you from the path.

The bible is a treasure map. If you read & study it you will find out that it's filled with paths. Paths to wealth, paths to love, paths to happiness, paths to peace, paths to joy, but even paths to death. Your feet right now are on a path. So what direction are you headed in? If you don't know I'm sure this episode can clear that up for ya!

I hope you enjoy!


Listen here:🎧

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