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"God didn't do this to you. He allowed it to happen because He trusts you with the scars." Next time you go through anything traumatic I want you to think about that powerful statement. Scars are not pretty and they are certainly nothing we like to show off, but they are apart of our testimony of what God has brought us through. We cannot change the past but we can always make the best of our experience.

One thing I have learned is not to "go" through life but "grow" through life. We only have one life to live and everyday should be a lesson. So what have you learned about yourself lately? What have you learned about life? Whatever the lesson may be apply it and use it to become better!

Best-selling author and award-winning speaker Cody Byrns has inspired people from all walks of life to rise above their bad experiences and to use tragedy to impact others. I know you will be encouraged after hearing his incredible story, of how God spared his life from a horrific accident and is using him to minister all over the world. I am so happy he was able to come on Change My Life (episode available now!) and share his amazing story. Don't forget to check out his awesome book "Scar Release" available now on Amazon.

For more information on Cody Byrns please check out his website

I hope you enjoy!


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