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The human body is amazing! Not because of the many functions it performs, but it is always working even when we are sleep. The incredible thing about the human body is that it speaks. You will miss what the body is saying if you are not paying attention. Hurt and sickness are a form of the body speaking to you. Flaws are a form of communication. Usually some sort of disorder is a way to let you know what you are lacking. Sometimes we look at it as unfairness, a curse and it may make us depress and angry. However, if you find the right solution you have no choice but to heal.

God speaks in very unique ways…

Through Dreams & visions.

Through songs.

Through situations.

He speaks to your spirit. He only speaks the truth. Your spirit is something you have to pay very close attention to. One way to do that is to be in tuned with your spirit.

Feed your spirit with the word of God. Fast unto the Lord, pray & live a righteous lifestyle.

You can miss God’s voice if you don’t pay attention. Resist temptation. Do what’s right even if it doesn’t seem fair. Just like evil thrives off of sin, anointing thrives off of righteousness. God wants to speak to someone He can trust. Who do you tell secrets and personal things to? I'm sure it's people you are close to and people you trust. Well, The Lord does the same thing. Proverbs 3:32 For the froward is abomination to the Lord: but his secret is with the righteous.

Operating in integrity, obedience and faith will allow God to trust you. All through the Bible God spoke to the ones who operated in these things. Who truly loved him and lived a holy life. Things have not changed. He expects that in this day as well. God speaking to us is such a blessing. He speaks in love. Whatever He instructs you to do has success attach to it. It may seem risky, but that is where your faith has to come in. God's word NEVER fails!

The take away from this is...God speaks to us more than we realize we just need to pay attention. Are you listening? He wants to connect with us through a genuine relationship. I guarantee communicating with God daily will bring nothing but joy, peace and love to your life. So what are you waiting on??

Till Next Time,


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