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Lisa McGrath is a normal seventeen year old high school student who was born on a horse ranch in a small, antiquated town called Cloverville.

Her long time best friend, Tina, is a Christian and consistently invites Lisa to her youth group, but Lisa declines, until one day Lisa's parents sell her prized horse, Lucky, and start to be unusually cruel to her.

At youth group, Lisa gives her life to Jesus and is given the gift of sight to see the supernatural: angels and demons. Her guardian angel, Vaniah, warns her that Cloverville is being overrun by demons and it is up to Lisa and her romantic love interest, Jason to fight them off.

Lisa embarks a perilous journey of spiritual discovery, filled with romance and danger.

Will she make it out alive???

"They Don't Cast Shadows" is the Christian version of Twilight, but with a gospel message. it's romantic, sci-fi fantasy film with a diverse cast that would reach many markets making it a highly profitable, commercial film.

Bob Leone & Melissa Goad recreated Inspireworks Productions in 2020 to produce Christian based content with their first film being the screenplay she wrote based off of Bob Leone's book, 'They Don't Cast Shadows'. Goad directed the teaser trailer in 2020 and will direct the feature film in July 2021.

Check out our latest interview with Bob & Melissa as they discuss, the story & making of their Christian movie, why it is beneficial to minister through film and more! I hope you enjoy!

Peace & Light,


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